General Information about Program
Elementary Mathematics Education undergraduate program aims at preparing mathematics teachers with national and international standards employed in middle grades (5-8. grades). Within the scope of Department of Elementary Education, this program, who has accepted students since 1998-1999 academic year who graduated in 2002. Six instructors and six research assistants works in Division of Elementary Mathematics Education and there were approximately 250 undergraduate students registered in this program.
Qualification Awarded
Bachelor's Degree
Level of Qualication
Qualification Awarded: Bachelor's Degree
Provisions for Registration
In order to have education in the Division of Elementary Mathematics Education, it is required to finish secondary education in Turkey or abroad and get a sufficient grade in the national university entrance examination (LYS_MF–1).
Qualification Requirements and Regulations
To complete all the courses in the program (240 ECTS) and achieve a minimum GPA of 2.00 out of 4.00 are the required rules to qualify for graduation.
Specific Arrangements for Recognition of Prior Learning
Acknowledgment of previous formal education taken in the Turkish Higher Education Institutions is done based on the rules and regulations put forth by the Higher Education Council. More information can be obtained from
Goals and Objectives
The objective of the program of Hacettepe University Elementary Mathematics Teaching is to train the teachers (5-8. grades) who can develop themselves through the basic field and professional knowledge that they have, who have positive instructional attitude and behavior of mathematics, who are sensitive to the social and environmental problems, who carry out their profession under the codes of conduct, whose characteristics are appropriate for the requirements of our country and the contemporary world, and who are fully self-confident.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates with Examples
Graduates of the Elementary Mathematics Education Program receive the “Middle School Mathematics Teacher” title and they can work at state or private schools affiliated with the Ministry of National Education. Our graduates also find jobs at other countries, other, private training centers, companies that develop and market educational materials, publishing companies, and universities for an academic career if they satisfy the related requirements.
Access to Further Studies
Qualification Awarded: Master's Degree
Profile of the Programme
Elementary Mathematics Education program is a 4 year program. Students may complate the program with courses (must or elective) offered from the Elementary Mathematics Education program, other departments in the Elementary Education Department or any other faculties in Hacettepe University. In the program, students must copmlate 240 AKTS (151 national credit ) totally. 1 AKTS credit is equal to 25 hours worklood. The %75 of total AKTS credits (180 AKTS- 111 national credit ) is from must courses and other %25 (60 AKTS- 40 national credit ) are from elective courses. %80 of that elective courses (48 AKTS -32 national credit ) are with-in the program and %20 of them (12 AKTS- 8 national credit) are from other programs.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
For every course, assessment and evaluation methods are defined in the course syllabus by the responsible academic personel. Hacettepe University Undergraduate Academic and Examination legislation is applied regarding the examinations and assigned grade points for every course. More information can be obtained at
Graduation Requirements
To complete all the courses in the program (240 ECTS) and achieve a minimum GPA of 2.00 out of 4.00 are the required rules to qualify for graduation.
Education Type
1. Full Time Education
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